Recent Projects

Process Safety Management

T Square has designed and completed OSHA Process Safety Management Programs, including Process Hazard Analyses (PHAs) for numerous facilities, including chemical manufacturers, metal processing facilities, and ammonia refrigeration warehouses. T Square acts as an in house consultant in the area of Process Safety Management and Risk Management Plans (EPA Regulation) for a variety of clients. Tasks include Process Hazard Analyses (PHAs), regulatory interpretation, and development and dissemination of corporate guidelines and regulatory information.

Air Permitting Services

T Square Associates has completed numerous major and minor air permit applications and new installation permits for a variety of clients, both small and medium manufacturers, including chemical companies, automobile parts manufacturers, aggregate facilities, and plating operations. For several other clients, T Square completed compliance strategies and Operation and Maintenance Plans to assist clients in compliance with EPA-mandated National Emission Standards.

Safety / Environmental Program Design and Training

T Square has developed, designed, and delivered several training programs for numerous facilities. Areas covered included Hazard Communication, Lockout Tagout, Confined Space, and many others. For one facility, a metal processor, the training was a complete package which was used to orient all new employees in the areas of Safety and Environmental Control.


T Square routinely conducts OSHA and EPA compliance audits for a wide variety of clients using our extensive audit checklists which have been developed based upon agency inspection protocols.

Machine Guarding

T Square conducted a thorough machine guarding assessment for a large manufacturer of steel parts. For the survey we visited six plants and assessed the adequacy of existing guards. Following the assessment, T Square made recommendations to company management on changes to be made to existing guards.

Regulatory Reporting

Completed and filed regulatory reports for numerous facilities. Reports included:

• Annual Emissions Inventory
• Hazardous Material Inventory
• Tier II forms
• Form R (SARA 313 Report)
• Biennial Hazardous/Residual Waste Reports