Services Offered

Safety (OSHA)

• OSHA Hazard Communication Standard Program and Training
• MSDS Creation and Updating
• Labeling (OSHA and ANSI Standards)
• Machine Guarding (including Power Press Guarding)
• Respiratory Protection Program
• Process Safety Management Program
• Process Hazard Analyses (PHA's)
• Lockout / Tagout
• Confined Space Programs
• Hot Work Permit Programs
• Incident and Injury Investigation and Reporting
• OSHA PPE Standard (effective 10/94) Programs
• Safety Committee Establishment

Air Pollution Control

• Air Permits (including Title V, both major and minor sources)
• Air Emissions Estimation and Inventory
• US EPA Emissions Inventory (Form R )

Water Pollution Control

• NPDES Permits (National Pollution Discharge Elimination System)
• Industrial Wastewater Treatment Design

Waste Management

• Hazardous Waste Management, including Disposal, Manifesting, Approval, etc.
• Hazardous Waste Quarterly and Biennial Reports
• PPC Plan
• Hazardous Waste Training
• Residual Waste Management and Reporting

Chemical Inventory

• EPCRA Tier II Reporting
• Environmental Accounting Systems - Automation of Recordkeeping and Reporting

Facility Security

• Security Vulnerability Analyses
• Facility Security Plans
• Department of Homeland Security - Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards Registration

Transportation (DOT)

• Compliance Programs and Training for HM 181 (HM 126F)
• DOT Hazard Determinations and Labeling

Other Areas of Specialization

• Training, including OSHA, Hazardous Waste, and DOT
• Crisis Communication and Emergency Plans
• Safety Equipment Inspection Programs
• New Employee Safety Orientation
• Contractor Safety Programs